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Team Member Spotlight: Jackie Fallon

Published:  November 9, 2018

As you probably already know (if you don’t, Sign Up for our newsletter) we have a few new awesome team members! Now Jackie isn’t new to the team by any measure, but since most of your chatting with her is about either finding your next great career move or placing the most stellar of candidates for that job opening you have, we figured now is a good time for you to learn a little about her, outside of work!

What’s your full name and are you proud of it? My actual full name is Jacqueline Helen Veronica Scott Fallon. I was named Jacqueline after Jackie Kennedy because I was born the day JFK was elected President (Yes, that was in 1960!) Helen was my original middle name after my Aunt Helen. Veronica is my confirmation name after my Godmother Veronica Scull. My current middle name is Scott as that was my maiden name. And my last name of Fallon was a result of marrying into the Fallon clan 35 years ago. I’m very proud of each and every name I have! 

Do you love playing any sports, or just watching them? I loved playing softball in my younger days. I started at a 3rd baseman but was catcher for a fast pitch women’s league for about 20 years! Currently, I enjoy the game of golf. I do enjoy watching sports too – football, golf, hockey and baseball. 

Do you have kids? How many? What are their names? I have three kids and three grandkids. Kids names are Timothy, Malachy and Katherine. Grandkids names are Olivia, Isla and Nora.

What do you prefer, Windows or Mac? Since I start my career with IBM, I would say neither but if you asked PC vs Mac, it would have to be PC! 

Do you love your work and is this your dream work? I love my work and this is my dream job because I love placing people in their dream jobs.

What are the most powerful 3 words that changed your life? You’re having twins.

There you have it! The answers to everything you wanted to know about Jackie! Okay, maybe not everything. It's a good start though. Find out more about jobs Jackie is working on and visit our Job Board or Email Us if you have an opening that needs to be filled or are seeking your next career move. Stay tuned for part three of our Team Member Spotlight featuring our Business Development Manager, Anthony Ciak!