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Team Member Spotlight: April Williams

Published:  March 19, 2019

As you probably already know (if you don’t, Sign Up for our newsletter) we have a new team member! Since most of your chatting with us is about either finding your next great career move or placing the most stellar of candidates for that job opening you have, we figured now is a good time for you to learn a little about us, outside of work! So we sat down with April Williams, our Technical Recruiter, so she could share a few musings about history, books and the three most powerful words that changed her life!

How many books did you read in 2017? I'm guessing over 20. I enjoy reading series so it never ends with the first book!

Who do you think is the most valuable person in the Tech World? Steve Jobs or Bill Gates? That's a tough one. I think Bill Gates is an unbelievably brilliant engineer who is capable of  thinking through how to make the most complex systems work better, and Steve Jobs compliments this by essentially making technology disappear so that the more non-technical users can focus 100% on benefitting from the tech. They are both brilliant!

What are the 3 most powerful words that changed your life? "It's a girl!!" I knew I was doomed. Haha.

Do you like playing any sports, or just watching them? Playing. I played all types of sports but softball was my number 1. 

Favorite subject in school? I love history. Always my favorite subject!

There you have it! The answers to everything you wanted to know about April! Find out more about we're working on and visit our Job Board or Email Us if you have an opening that needs to be filled or are looking for your next career move.