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Team Member Spotlight: Tania Fogg

Published:  October 8, 2018

As you probably already know (if you don’t, Sign Up for our newsletter) we have a few new awesome team members! Since most of your chatting with us is about either finding your next great career move or placing the most stellar of candidates for that job opening you have, we figured now is a good time for you to learn a little about us, outside of work! So we sat down with Tania Fogg, our Technical Recruiter, so she could share a few musings about life, music and her favorite plant-based burger.

Where you were born?  Ann Arbor Michigan. Home of Zingerman’s, my inspiration to enter the world of craft food and beverage.

What’s your full name and are you proud of it?  Tania Furtado Fogg - definitely. We are Brasilian-American. Furtado is my mother’s maiden name and it’s customary to make a mother’s maiden name their child’s middle name in Brasil. Then Fogg (my father’s side) is solidly New England for centuries. So, I’m proud of my roots and that I’m both fluent in Portuguese and LL Bean.

Do you love music?  Which genre is your favorite? So very much. I would be a lost person without it. I don’t do favorites well, I do phases well. So anything but metal (which doesn’t include Metallica in my opinion…that’s still grunge in my eyes?)

Who is your favorite stand-up comedians and why?  Zack Galifianakis; dry and hilarious

Which is your favorite burger and why?  The Impossible Burger- because it’s my hope that these plant-based foods start the long-awaited process of ending mass meat factory farms. It’s also damn delicious.

There you have it! The answers to everything you wanted to know about Tania! Okay, maybe not everything. It's a good start though. Find out more about jobs Tania is working on and visit our Job Board or Email Us if you have an opening that needs to be filled or are seeking your next career move. Stay tuned for part two of our Employee Spotlight featuring our Business Development Manager, Anthony Ciak!